Energy Storage

Super Capacitor Battery

Super Capacitor Batteries are energy storage devices with high energy density and high power density. Super capacitors don't rely on a chemical play to function. Instead, they store potential energy electro statically within them. Super capacitors use dielectric or insulator between their plates to separate the collection of positive and negative charges building on each side's plates. It basically captures static electricity for future use. The most significant advantage of this is that a 3V capacitor now will still be a 3V capacitor in 15-20 years.

We can have Super Capacitor Batteries of 48V, 36V or 12V at 5250Wh, 3840Wh and 1200Wh respectively (and other storage values on request), which are ideal for applications in Data Centers, Wireless, 5G, Fixed Network, Access Network, Hubs, Head-Ends, etc.


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