Sensors, NFC, Panel LEDs, Panel LCD, Integrated BERT with PRBS, Port Finder, Path Finder, Topology view, abundant reports, and much more. These are the features that bring Intelligence to the physical layer.

Peace of Mind for the Physical Layer

Managing a datacenter is difficult as it is. Don’t let your network physical layer keep you up at night. Learn how to track, maintain and whip your network physical layer in shape with Fiber Mountain.

See the Invisible

Layer 1 infrastructure has traditionally been invisible to administrators. Sprinkle a little software on your cables and patch panels and open a new window into the
 physical layer.

Teaching Layer 1 New Tricks

Fiber optic testing integrated within patch panels. Less need to carry expensive test gear around. Old habits are hard to break, this one is worth it.

Energy Storage Modules with Supercapacitors are very-low maintenance and ultra fast charging energy storage devices for DC UPS systems. Extremely long lifespan energy storage units with more than 20,000 charge and discharge cycles. Unlike chemical batteries, which store energy by the detour of a chemical reaction, supercaps are based on electrophysical principles and are quickly charged and ready for use. Energy Storage Modules with supercapacitors impress with their high current-carrying capacity, power density and reliability.

Flexible distribution solutions for Satellite/Terrestrial/Data content via

optical fiber. Ideal for residential homes, MDUs and large number of end-points in a distributed area or gated communities. Easy upgrade and integration with legacy RF video content distribution systems to provide over single fiber video content from Satellite, Terr./Legacy RF, and PON High-Speed Data connectivity, i.e. inserting and making available Satellite TV (Terr./Legacy RF) over existing PON networks.

Wide variety of multiport EYDFA High Power optical amplifiers. Versions exist with and without OLT muxing WDMs. Ideal for any kind of network application, i.e. for example Satellite signal distribution, HFC Cable optical transport, PON with 1550 RF Overlay, RFoG, etc.


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